Why Businesses Are Creating Their Own Mobile Apps and How You Can, Too 

Need a little motivation or inspiration before pitching your case for a no code mobile app? Right this way for real-world examples...
Written by
Alexis Fabbri
Published on
September 13, 2023

As a business leader, you need all the “unfair” advantages you can get. If you have the same insight everyone does and are using similar tools, what sets you (and your company) apart? Businesses in all types of industries are looking for new ways to innovate.

Going mobile-first is a strong strategy to stand out and stay ahead. 

Mobile-First, Made Easy

Custom mobile apps can give you a competitive edge by offering features and capabilities that aren’t available in generic apps. They can also reflect your brand identity and unique value proposition. Now, if you’re thinking creating original, tailored apps isn’t in your budget, you’re wrong. It’s true that with traditional development, building an app can cost you anywhere from $30,000 to $300,000. But with no code platforms, you can build for a fraction of that cost without the need to hire additional staff. 

Real-World Examples 

Here’s how a few of our Creators have brought their businesses to the next level through the development of a custom, mobile app. 


More than 10% of the global adult population has diabetes. SugarPixel is dedicated to helping people with this disease monitor their glucose levels and stay healthy. The product is the world’s first dedicated CGM hardware monitor with random tone generation audio alerts, vibration alerts for the hearing impaired, customizable display options, and native multi-user following.

Why They Built an App

SugarPixel needed a simple yet powerful interface for their users to set up and interact with their hardware monitor. Developing a mobile app was the most effective way to achieve this. The founder of SugarPixel built custom products and needed a tool that could accelerate his mobile app development timeline. Turning to Thunkable allowed him to build an app with BLE features and compatibility across different devices.

Impact of Mobile

Introducing a mobile app to his business allowed the founder of SugarPixel to make his app more accessible to the masses, giving diabetes patients access to crucial health information anywhere they are. 


Motherson is one of the world’s leading auto component makers, operating globally from 350 facilities in 41 countries spread across five continents with more than 180,000 employees.

Why They Built an App

The Brazilian Motherson team needed an internal tool employees can access on the go. They turned to Thunkable to build an internal-facing HR app that includes a company calendar, communications, social networking functions to connect employees to each other, a payment hub, and many other internal programs. 

Impact of Mobile

The Motherson team built a mobile app for employees to use that satisfied their operational needs and made HR capabilities more efficient.


Singapore-based Alionova Consulting advises clients on business strategy, data, and technology to enable digital transformations that change businesses for the better. Their mission is to help companies reach their maximum potential through advice at every step of their journey.

Why They Built an App 

Alionova was looking for ways to supercharge their clients' capabilities quickly. Rapid prototyping and ease of use for non-technical staff were both crucial. 

Impact of Mobile

Offering mobile apps as part of the Alionova toolkit has become a revenue generator. In many cases, the company is winning deals because the ability to quickly build a mobile app is part of the package.

Final Thoughts 

How could your business benefit from a mobile app? Could you find new customers or streamline your opeations? There’s only way to find out. Get started with Thunkable today. 

To learn more about developing your app download our Ultimate Guide to No Code Mobile App Development.

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Written by
Alexis Fabbri

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