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Thunkable team posing during a team event.
Thunkable team posing during a team event.
Thunkable team posing during a team event.
Thunkable team posing during a team event.
Thunkable team posing during a team event.

It all started when Arun and Wei saw the power of no code...

Thunkable's Co-Founders were part of the App Inventor team at MIT. When they went into the workforce after school, they quickly realized that mobile app development is painfully difficult and too labor-intensive. With their background, they knew app development was ripe for no code disruption. Thunkable launched in March of 2016 to make app development accessible to everyone. The duo headed west and formed a team. Thunkable quickly grew to support more than three million users, and the rest is history.

Arun and Wei, the founders of Thunkable.
Thunkable team posing in front of the Universal Studios sign.

Who We Are

Thunkable is a rapidly growing team with more than 40 teammates in seven different countries. Headquartered in San Francisco, our remote-first, hybrid-optional team is committed to making app development accessible to everyone. We know that great ideas are everywhere, and we want to equip the world with the power to turn these ideas into no code mobile apps.

Who Uses Thunkable?

Thunkable is trusted by millions of users, from Fortune 500 companies to elementary school classrooms. Thunkable Creators in 184 different countries have built more than eight million unique, no code mobile apps. Our visual development approach is easy to learn but extremely powerful. We're proud to see many of the world's best companies and the next generation of Creators choose Thunkable to turn their ideas into mobile apps.

People using thunkable on a laptop.
Arun Saigal, Thunkable CEO.

From Our

WeiHua Li, Thunkable founder and CTO.

"Thunkable takes pride in bridging the digital divide by making passive consumers of technology into active Creators. There are numerous problems that remain unaddressed by software development, and our aim is to create the capabilities for anyone to provide solutions for these problems to improve the lives of millions."

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