Why a Beaver? The Magic of Drag and Drop

You may have seen Billy the Beaver holding a phone and wondered what a beaver has to do with mobile app development. We explain Thunkable's mascot in this blog!
Written by
Alexis Fabbri
Published on
November 7, 2023

From the Michelin Man to Ronald McDonald, brands around the world use memorable characters as mascots to help stand out, evoke emotion, and tell a story. Thunkable’s mascot—in case you didn’t know—is Billy Beaver. You may have seen Billy holding a phone and wondered what the heck a beaver has to do with mobile app development. When I first joined the company, I had the same thoughts. But now I get it. Let me explain. 

Why a Beaver? 

Beavers are known for their industrious nature and remarkable engineering skills. In the wild, beavers are adept at building dams and lodges, constructing intricate structures with the resources at hand.

That’s why for us at Thunkable, the beaver serves as a fitting metaphor. Using our no code platform our Creators are constructing their own digital "dams" and "lodges" in the form of mobile applications. They’re transforming the digital landscape by building innovative apps, creating functional solutions, and shaping their ideas into tangible products.

Beavers are also known for their determination, teamwork, and ingenuity. Billy serves as a symbol reminding us that with determination and the right tools, anyone can build a meaningful and impactful mobile app.

Build Like a Beaver

When it comes to construction, beavers are experts. At Thunkable, we look at mobile app development in a similar way, just like stacking wood for a dam. Our platform uses “blocks.” Block-based coding works by dragging together blocks of code to create your app. Components include buttons, text boxes, images, lists, and more. 

Using our drag and drop builder, you can build the foundation of a solid mobile app. You can easily add, move, and resize components on your screen with a simple click and drag. Plus, our extensive library of components means you can always find the perfect component for your needs.

Blockly visual coding blocks to play a sound

Design Your Own Mobile App 

Take a lesson from Billy. Build something great. Need inspiration? Visit our Creator Gallery or read our Ultimate Guide to No Code Mobile App Development to get started! 

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Written by
Alexis Fabbri

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