Meet the Thunkable Team: Billy Beaver, Ambassador of Building Buzz

You've probably seen our friendly, red little mascot around the internet, so we thought we'd formally introduce him! Billy Beaver builds buzz for Thunkable.
Written by
Ariel Gonzalez
Published on
December 30, 2022

At Thunkable, we work hard to bring our Creators the best drag and drop app builder, but we can only do it with the dedication and talent our team brings every day. So, as part of our Thunkable employee spotlight series, we share another team member’s history, their path to Thunkable, and more.

You may have seen this team member’s face around and have wondered, “Hey, who's that furry creature holding a phone?” Well, in this latest installment, we’re introducing Billy Beaver (full name: Wilhelmina Cambridge Francis Beaver), the Ambassador of Building Buzz at Thunkable. 

Billy at a Glance

Pronouns: She / He / They

Based: All around the globe

Team: Ambassador

Favorite place you’ve traveled: Hoover Dam

Favorite movie: Beaver Potter and the Sorcerer's Dam

Go-to karaoke song: Whistle While You Work by Snow White and the Seven Beaver Kits

Favorite time to work: I am a night beaver. True to my nature, the brisk night air and twinkling stars awaken my eagerness to work 

Advice you’d give your younger self: Never doubt your abilities. The world is big, not everything will go as planned, and sometimes you’ll be the only beaver in the room, but trust in your innate building skills and curiosity. They are your biggest gifts. 

Any hidden talents: I am a fierce whistler. I was the leader of the whistling a-cappella group at my university.

Fun Fact: I am currently learning the Sylbo language.

Pet peeve: Beaver puns. Yes, I’m a beaver, and I’ve heard all the puns you can imagine. But, respectfully, please don’t. I’m over it. 

Guilty Pleasure: Creating and sharing memes with my family and friends. The more ridiculous, the better.

Favorite snack: Winter Crunch BarkTM is my favorite snack to munch on during those late night work hours

Before Thunkable

Growing up in the great outdoors of Thunk Town, Billy always had a knack for getting their teeth into something new. Beavers are known as nature's very own engineers. Being a builder isn't easy, but it is Billy’s favorite part about being a beaver. Growing up as a young kit (a kit is the name for a baby beaver), Billy loved exploring and letting their curiosity lead them to discoveries.

One family night in the lodge, Billy’s kit cousin showed Billy a mobile phone for the first time, and since then, Billy was hooked. “You can't find me without my mobile phone,” Billy shares. Billy’s intrigue with mobile technology led them to move to Boston and attend MIT.

One day, Billy overheard a group of engineers working on MIT App Inventor. Billy’s curiosity got the better of them, and Billy went and met the group working on this app. It was in that  group that the co-founders of Thunkable met and developed the idea for our company. The rest is history! Billy joined co-founders Arun and Wei in their mission to create Thunkable, the best no code mobile app development platform.

Becoming the Ambassador of Building Buzz

As an experienced builder and engineer, Billy is a passionate and enthusiastic ambassador for Thunkable. “I love working with technology and building new things, and I strive to bring a lot of energy and creativity to my role at Thunkable,” Billy says.

As the Ambassador of Building Buzz, Billy is responsible for helping to promote Thunkable's products and services and connecting with the community of creators. 

Billy’s mission is to help connect people worldwide and create stronger communities focused on collaboration, innovation, and learning. Billy loves traveling around the globe to support and visit the Thunkable Creators. Billy explains, “I am always ready to take on new challenges, be helpful to the Thunkable Community, and spread the word about how great Thunkable is.”

Billy’s Motto for Work and Life

Being a beaver in a big world isn’t always easy, and sometimes Billy has some insecurities. “When speaking publicly, I get a bit insecure about my two front teeth,” shares Billy. “Also, I sometimes talk with a whistle due to my very large chompers. But, I try to focus on the positive and use my motto to push myself to always improve.”

Over the years, Billy has developed six mottos for living their life to the fullest, both at work and in their personal lives:

Be your best self every day

Endless curiosity will open the door to opportunities

Assume good intentions from your peers and loved ones

Vulnerability is the best way to connect with others

Empathy for everyone you encounter

Respect others

Challenges and obstacles are part of life, but Billy faces them with determination and optimism. It is the B.E.A.V.E.R. way!

Come Visit Billy

“As the Thunkable ambassador and face of our logo, I am honored and excited to serve the Creator Community. I look forward to meeting new Thunkers and collaborating with all of you on the platform,” Billy shares.

Visit Billy in the Resource Center, where you can find them sharing the best of Thunkable. Want to get in on the action? Get building and share your amazing app! Billy is always excited to see what our creators are making.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoyed learning about the Thunkable Team and are interested in opportunities at Thunkable, check out our job openings here

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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