No Code, Hero Mode: Embracing New Tooling to Achieve Digital Innovation

No code tools make app development accessible to the masses – regardless of age or career tenure. Learn how Thunkable's drag and drop app builder can help.
Written by
Ariel Gonzalez
Published on
August 29, 2023

If you’ve built a website or an email, set up automations in your CRM, or used workflow tools like Zapier, you’re already in the no code game. 

You may not have realized it then, but you were creating custom software perfectly suited to your needs. That is how no code tooling is making software development and technology more accessible to the masses. (Learn more about the difference between low code, no code, and code.) Using visual development tools allows you to spin up solutions to problems without the need for writing custom code, roping in a software developer, or battling with IT approvals.

So, if you’re already using no code, how do you shift into hero mode? 

Getting into No Code Go Mode

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to bring your ideas to market, a professional seeking to upskill your career, or an organizational leader looking to streamline operations – introducing the flexibility of low code no code platforms can help you produce production-grade applications without the overhead of the lengthy product development cycles.   

Here are four key ways to adopt no code into your existing workflow:

1. Prototyping: Idea to MVP in hours 

It doesn’t matter the size of your business or team. Before investments (resources, money, or time) are dedicated to a new idea or process, you must see if it is viable. Low code and no code tools allow for rapid prototyping of mobile apps, websites, workflows, and software. Instead of writing a spec sheet or building a PowerPoint, turn to no code to build the MVP and get your idea into the hands of users to see if it works.  

2. Skill Sharing: The more, the merrier 

No code tooling lets anyone build the solutions they need when they need them without having to rely on technical teammates to build something. Bring your team together in a safe space to experiment freely with tools. At Thunkable, we frequently do Hackathons to let employees test, try, and build new things. In this process, we all learn something new while improving our product. 

View our list for the best no code tools for your business.

3. Streamlining Productivity 

Speed and efficiency are the name of the game. Business leaders have a backlog of to-do items a mile long. Pulling together your teams to identify the gaps in existing tooling and processes opens the door for innovation. That innovation doesn’t mean buying more things or abandoning existing tools. Instead, you can frame it in a way for your team to help bridge the gaps and close these loops. Then empower your team with no code tooling to solve it. 

4. An Avenue for Career Advancement

No code tooling can be a powerful tool for upskilling and career advancement, particularly for those who do not have a technical background. By learning how to use no code platforms, individuals can develop new skills and capabilities that can be applied across various industries and job roles. 

For those looking to advance in their careers, mastering low code no code platforms can help to differentiate them from their peers and open up new opportunities for growth and advancement.

No code tooling can provide entrepreneurs and businesses the solutions to quickly and efficiently build and launch their products or services.

Now that we’ve got your buy-in on the benefits of no code tooling, the next question is…

Who Should Use No Code Tooling?

When people hear the phrase “no code,” they have questions and reservations. How tech-savvy do you need to be? Is this powerful enough to do what I need? Who’s using no code tooling?

According to a Zapier data report, "The rise of no-code", it was found that “even though many professional developers or engineers could code their own technical solutions, more than one in three no code users are currently technical professionals who choose to use the tools anyway.” While no code tooling is built and intended to assist those in non-technical fields, professionals of all skill levels can harness the benefits of no code tools.

Let’s explore how adopting no code tools has impacted Creators at different professional levels:

A Career Pivot From Violinist to Developer

Reina Murooka was a violinist for two decades until an accident prevented her from pursuing a musical career. Never having taken a coding or engineering class, Murooka turned to Thunkable’s visual development coding tool to help her determine if a STEM career was right for her. She felt confident to pursue technical courses after engaging with and learning the platform. Murooka is now a software developer at Twitch thanks to the ease and friendly introduction of no code tooling.

IT Leader Harnessing the Power of No Code Mobile App Development

Carson Pennington, IT Manager and Specialist for Mortgage Educators and Compliance (MEC), was responsible for building a customer-facing app. Although he has an IT background, he had never built a mobile app. He turned to Thunkable’s no code mobile app development platform to design, develop, and launch his app in a matter of weeks. The results significantly impacted the business, leading to increased traffic and revenue. Interested in the details? Read how turning to a no code app builder benefited his team and company.

Advancing Flagship Product with No Code Tools

Katherine Nameth, Head of Product Operations at Wave, was tasked with designing a mobile app for the company. The app was meant to alleviate hurdles people face when trying to receive online therapy. 

While building the wireframes, she realized her static designs were impeding the app's progress. The development team needed to know exactly how the app would work on a technical level to create the app. She needed something interactive, with demonstrated functional abilities that were easy to execute. She turned to Thunkable’s no code native mobile app builder platform to build the prototype she needed within three weeks. Thanks to no code tooling, she accelerated her overall project timeline and got the app to market sooner than expected.

No Code Tooling Adoption Creates Impact; See for Yourself!

Thousands of businesses use Thunkable to extend and support their existing products and services on mobile. We've seen firsthand how no code tooling can be a game-changer for those who dare to become heroes. It provides people and organizations with what they need to quickly and efficiently build and launch products, automate repetitive tasks, and boost their creativity and innovation. 

Thunkable is the best no code app builder for app development. If you want a powerful solution to advance your business, sign up here to get started.

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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