Apps with Benefits: Turning Your App Idea Into A Lucrative Side Hustle

Now that you have an idea for a great no code mobile app, you'll likely want to turn that app into a way to make some money. Utilize these tips to do so.
Written by
The Thunkable Team
Published on
March 25, 2022

So, you’ve got a great idea for your side hustle, and you want to build a no code mobile app to make it happen.

After you get started, design your mobile app, build it, and launch it, you’ll want to make sure you get maximum exposure to generate significant traffic to maximize ad revenue. The process of app monetization will allow you to earn passive income from your creation, and the more people you have using your mobile app, the more money you’ll earn. But, how do you get enough eyes on your app to turn it into a revenue-generating side hustle? Here are 11 tips on how to stand out from the crowd and get your no code mobile app (and ads) in front of more people.

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1. Get Your Title Right

Your no code mobile app’s title plays a major role in how it gets listed on the Play Store and App Store. Put some thought into creating something that will stand out. Be sure to include category keywords, as this is important for gaining traction. Create a list of important features, benefits, and a call to action in the description that will entice a user to download your mobile app.

2. Make A Beautiful Icon

First impressions last, so use a really good icon for your mobile app. There are many websites that will help you design these icons, such as flaticon or streamline icon, to name a couple. Be sure you use a design that serves as a clear representation of your mobile app that stands out. There are millions of apps in the App Store, so when users scroll through the lists, your app icon needs to be attractive. It should provide as much of a clue as possible to what users will find after they install it.

3. Screenshots Are Key

Using captivating screenshots can be a really good way to showcase the functionality of your no code mobile app. People check the screenshots before installing your app, so show them what they can expect the experience to look and feel like.

4. Ask For User Ratings And Reviews

Ranking in the search results is also greatly influenced by the ratings, reviews, and downloads. You should proactively prompt users to rate your mobile to help your app climb the charts. However, don’t be nagging about this. Give a gentle pop-up after the user has had a few positive interactions with your app.

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5. Resolve Negative Reviews

Reply to users who have posted negative reviews about your mobile app. It is worth your time and will benefit the health of your app’s rankings if you resolve their problems as promptly as you can. If they post about a bug, acknowledge it and let them know once you have resolved the issue in the following update. Addressing the negative users shows you care and will help turn them into advocates of your app. Plus, user feedback is a great way to learn about how the users perceive and use your app

6. Market Your App Effectively

You don’t need a large marketing budget to promote your mobile app. Marketing efforts can be lengthy processes, and you should be smart about how you allocate your time. A lot of your downloads will come from organic searches, but you can earn a significant portion of downloads from your web-version landing page. That’s why you should also create a webpage dedicated to your app with a clear call to action directing users to download your app.

Spread your advertising across the channels that are most popular with your target audience. Look at creating profiles and sharing content in the following ways:

  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, etc.
  • Community sites like Reddit, NoCode Groups, etc
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Content marketing
  • App directory sites
  • Relevant blogs/magazines

7. Analytics

App usage metrics are a great way to gather insights about how your mobile app is being used. You need to understand the usage patterns of users. Some examples are:

  • How long do users engage with your app?
  • Are users coming back to your app daily? Weekly? Monthly?
  • If it is multiple times a day or week, how many interactions are users having with your app per week?

You should also understand how many uninstalls are happening and try to find the reason for that. You can also set up certain trigger points within your app to help you with A/B testing. These results will help you improve the user experience.

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8. User Referrals

Referrals are another way to demonstrate quality, relevance, and trust to help increase your no code mobile app’s downloads. You can turn your existing users into brand ambassadors by giving them an incentive to refer your app to their friends. For example, if you have a cloud storage app, you can offer a free gig of storage if users refer your app to others. Or for a ride-sharing app, you can provide free ride credits in exchange for referrals. Look for ways to create an organic promotion plan.

9. Influencer and Community Outreach 

Look for influencers in your area of business — food, travel, health and fitness, etc., and reach out to them. Influencer marketing can be a great tool to increase app exposure and downloads. Influencers have the power to affect the purchasing patterns of your target audience. Reviews from recognized experts not only bring more exposure to your mobile app, but they also instill more trust in your product. By researching the right influencers for your community, you can establish a beneficial partnership.You can work with influencers on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. And you don’t have to look for influencers with the largest following. Some of the most potent influencers have small following but can generate more action with their fervent fanbase.

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10. Localize

App marketplaces are available to a global audience. A lot of users and unexpected traffic might not have your language as their primary language. Consider localizing the apps to suit your audience. Review the data from app usage and see if you have significant traffic from regions that use different languages. You can still attract traffic with a regional app but look to add in localization features to make it more appealing. In short, go where the traffic takes you, and make it appealing for those users.

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11. Publish as a Web App

Make it as easy as possible to garner the most traffic possible. The best way to do that is by making your no code mobile available on every major operating system. Apps don’t just exist on iOS or Android platforms; they can also exist on the Web. Publish your app to all three to reduce friction for your users. Deploying a Web App will make it so users can more easily search, share, and utilize your app from anywhere.

Final Thoughts

After you deploy your no code mobile app, these 11 tips will help you maximize traffic which will, in turn, help you maximize your income.

When you’re ready to turn your business idea into an app, Thunkable is here to help. We allow you to build powerful, no code mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Web. It’s free to sign up and get started.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see what you’ll build next!

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Written by
The Thunkable Team

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