Coding for Kids: Learning to Code with Thunkable

There is no ideal age to learn how to code. With Thunkable, anyone can learn how to code using our drag and drop app builder. Learn how to get started!
Written by
Ariel Gonzalez
Published on
August 11, 2022

Are you interested in learning to code? Are you trying to find the right coding programs for kids? You might ask yourself, "What is the ideal age to learn how to code?" Our answer is ANY age. You are never too young or old to learn.

Whether you are just learning how to code or looking to gain a better understanding of the basics of computer science, Thunkable is a great coding software for kids to use; it’s easy to learn and get started with, and it empowers individuals with the foundational knowledge of computer science concepts. With Thunkable, you can launch a business, increase your skillset, or kickstart your coding career. Many Thunkable creators feel rewarded and motivated when they see the fantastic things they can create using the platform.

This blog post will cover the benefits of using Thunkable as an educational tool to learn how to code at any age and how you can get started for free immediately after reading this post!

Ease of Navigating the Drag and Drop App Builder

You may wonder how a no code mobile app development platform can help you learn how to code since it has no code in its name. We dive deeper into this in our blog, 8 Reasons Educators Love Thunkable. Still, with Thunkable, you can learn essential computer science concepts like logic, loops, functions, variables, and algorithms through the visual drag and drop app builder.

Thunkable’s drag and drop app builder is used in classrooms from Kindergarten to the University level due to its easy-to-use drag and drop interface, which makes coding for kids more accessible and engaging. Educators use Thunkable in the classroom because students can learn and implement computer science principles and see their results immediately with our no code mobile app development platform.

Unlike other drag and drop platforms, as you build, you are learning the logical aspects required for coding. Students learn and apply computational thinking and design skills as they build.

Learn How to Code Without Breaking the Bank

Technology is in our everyday lives, and it's more important than ever to have a basic understanding of computer science principles. Unfortunately, while many schools offer coding classes for kids and computer science classes, not everyone has access to these resources – until now! Thunkable is accessible to anyone of any age ready to build a mobile app, and did we mention it’s free to get started?! Sign up for Thunkable, and see all the fantastic things you can build by looking at our Featured Projects.

Feel Confident in Seeing Immediate Results as You Learn

A common pain point with learning to code, especially among coding for kids, is having trouble remembering what you learned. Who's guilty of reading through several book paragraphs only to realize you didn't retain a thing? ✋This isn't uncommon, especially with learning a new skill.

With Thunkable, students won’t have trouble remembering what they learn because they’ll see the results right before their eyes. Whether learning by following the video tutorials or learning by building a no code mobile app, app creators will be able to immediately see the fruits of their labor.

To this point, Katherine Nameth, part of the founding team and product operations at Wave stated, “I became an app developer in 3 weeks! The process of building blocks in Thunkable was so satisfying. If I were to do the same project again, I could prototype within a week.” 

Thunkable gives individuals the confidence to become mobile app developers in a matter of weeks, and in a few lessons, students can learn to code and walk away with a fully built mobile app.

Alleviate Students’ Frustration of Not Knowing What They Should be Learning

It can feel overwhelming when learning a new skill as everything is unique to each learner, and it can be hard to discern where to start first. As we stated earlier, diving in and doing is the best way to start. We provide many resources and educational tools to get you started in our Thunkable Docs, video tutorials, and much more. Let your students’ interests lead them to create something amazing!

Tap Into the Community for Mentors

Another hurdle some individuals face is not finding the right mentor or not being sure who to turn to for help. Whether you are an educator bringing computer science to the classroom or learning how to code on your own, the Thunkable community is always happy to help!

Carlin McLellan, a Thunkable Creator and hobbyist, speaks about his experience, stating, "the community is super supportive, actually. That's been really helpful to start being able to go into the forum and post a question, and people will get back really quickly and offer to help you." Creators don't have to wait to find the right mentor or teacher; instead, feel empowered to tap into a community of more than three million people for help and advice.

Empower Students to Add Products to Their Portfolios

Not only can students learn critical coding principles with Thunkable, the best no code app builder platform, but they can build something to add to their portfolios. Once students have learned the basics of coding, they must demonstrate their abilities to educators or employers. Empower students to create an online portfolio or resume either for their students to showcase their excellent work.

These apps can show potential employers or clients your technical prowess. As students continue developing their skills, their portfolios will be valuable for tracking progress.

Journey into the World of Coding

There is no ideal age to learn how to code; with Thunkable, learning how to code is made accessible to everyone regardless of age or technical skill set. In today's digital age, coding has become a necessary skill for everyone, and anyone can get started. Whether you're looking to introduce the benefits of STEM education, add coding classes to your curriculum or are currently teaching computer science courses, Thunkable is an excellent place for students to learn how to code. 

Thunkable, a powerful no code native app builder, is an invaluable resource because it is absolutely free to get started and you can see immediate results as you learn. Additionally, the Thunkable community is always happy to help if you need assistance. Get started today!

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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