5 Steps to Navigating App Deployment After Development

Developing your no code mobile app is only the beginning of your app journey. In this blog, you'll learn how to deploy your app and how Thunkable's no code app development platform makes it easy.
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Ariel Gonzalez
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Highlights of This Blog:

You know how to build an app. Now what? In this blog, you’ll: 

  • Discover the crucial steps to take after developing your app to ensure a successful launch
  • Learn how to make informed decisions about deployment platforms, optimize user engagement, and gather valuable insights

You may be looking into how apps are built and how to create an app for your business, but an often overlooked aspect of app deployment is what to do after the app is built. 

As crucial as it is to plan for the building phase of your app, you also need to plan for all the steps after development. Planning this phase determines how your app reaches users and its success. 

In this quick guide, we'll walk you through the five steps you need to nail to guarantee your app has a successful life after you’ve built it.

1. Choose Your Deployment Platforms Ahead of Time

Where will your app go? 

Deciding where your app will live (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or the mobile web) will pull into focus your deployment journey. If you’ve built your app specifically for iOS or Android devices, your choice has been made for you, but if you would like to get a more extensive reach, you can make your app available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

In some cases, the platform you used to build your app can take care of publishing your app for you. If you go with a no code mobile app development platform like Thunkable, you can maximize your app's reach by dual publishing for both iOS and Android devices.

Next step: Get your app into the world! ➡️

2. Account for the Time It’ll Take to Publish Your App

Publishing your app involves preparing it for submission, and each app store has it’s own meticulous process that requires adherence to app store guidelines and requirements. 

The app publishing processes for the Apple App Store and Google Play store involve registering as a developer, paying any necessary fees, providing ample information on your app listing, and reviewing the app before it becomes available to your audience. 

Want to know more about publishing? Here is our in-depth guide on what it takes to get an app into the marketplace.

Next step: Help your audience find you. ➡️

3. Strategize How to Market Your App

After your app is published, start marketing your app! A well-developed app is only guaranteed to succeed with proper marketing. Develop a marketing strategy that leverages various channels to reach your target audience. 

We’ve written about this extensively and dive in deep if you’d like guidance on:

Next step: Make sure your app is the best it can be with frequent updates. ➡️

4. Monitor and Maintain Your App

Unlike a delicious cake, your app isn't done once baked. Ongoing maintenance is crucial to keep it running smoothly. Regularly monitor app performance, anticipate and adjust for device updates, and improve features. 

Depending on the app creation platform of your choice, the platform can simplify this process by handling versioning and updates, like with Thunkable’s drag and drop app builder, allowing you to focus on delivering the best user experience.

Next step: Listen to your audience. ➡️

5. Gather User Insights

Once your app is on the app store of your choice, it's time to focus on user insights and engagement. Gather data on user behavior, such as how users interact with your app, what features they love, and where they drop off. 

Encourage user feedback and reviews to gain insights and improve your app continually. Engaging with your users is vital for long-term retention and possible monetization opportunities.

Make data-driven decisions to enhance your app's performance, address pain points, and create a more satisfying user experience.

Feeling Ready to Deploy Your App?

The post-development phase of app deployment is as crucial as the development itself. By carefully planning the steps of your app’s life after build, you pave the way for your app's success.

Need a little more guidance as to what goes into the building stage? We've got you covered, and we dive into each aspect you need to know:

Want an all-inclusive resource to thoroughly understand how to build an app without code from start to finish? Download our Ultimate Guide to No Code Mobile App Development!

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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