5 Reasons You Should Ditch the Deck and Build a Mobile App for Your Sales Pitch

Everyone builds a sales deck, but there are other ways to stand out. Try building a no code mobile app using Thunkable's drag and drop app builder instead!
Written by
Alexis Fabbri
Published on
August 8, 2023

A great sales pitch can ignite your prospect’s imagination, fueling their desire for your product or service. But before you can capture your audience’s attention, you need to do your research and use that information to frame your pitch around your customer’s needs—not yours. 

But just giving your client another deck, product demo, or webinar invite doesn’t help you showcase your product’s brilliance. Instead, give them an app as the front end to your product so they can get hands-on, right away. Set your company apart by delivering a product, not another pitch. 

You don’t have to work for a tech company or be a professional developer to build your own app. Lots of organizations big and small are taking advantage of no code platforms to gain a competitive edge. 

Here are just a few reasons why you should build a mobile app for your next big pitch. 

1. Rapid Prototyping

No code platforms like Thunkable allow sales reps to quickly prototype apps or website ideas in days, not months. These prototypes can give your clients a tangible preview of what the final product would look like and how it functions. 

2. Personalization 

You can customize your mobile app to your client's specific needs and preferences and even tailor the app's content in real time during the pitch. Add your prospect’s branding, data sources, and company information to create a customized, fully functioning app for every potential client or customer. 

3. Real Data 

With no code,  you can easily feed data from your product, your prospect’s databases, and other sources to showcase the power of your product. And if the sales pitch involves changes or updates, mobile apps can be instantly updated with new content, ensuring that the most current information is presented to the client.

4. Teamwork and Easy Sharing

Collaboration tools like Thunkable Organizations let your team work together to create your app from the design phase right through deployment.

Mobile apps can be easily shared with clients via email, messaging apps, or QR codes. This makes it convenient for clients to revisit the presentation and share it with other decision-makers within their organization. 

5. Interactive Demos 

Engage your audience and get them involved. No code platforms can help create interactive demos, such as clickable prototypes, sliders, and other dynamic features that highlight your product's key functionalities. You can even add quizzes or forms so your clients can provide instant feedback. 


Getting prospects to become customers is already hard enough. Why add additional hurdles in the sales process by proposing a vision, showing vaporware, or giving a limited demo? 

At Thunkable, we've thought of (and seen) everything that goes into an app and brought it together in one easy-to-use no code platform. With more than 50 design components, easy animations, limitless logic blocks, and open integrations, you can deliver a unique and memorable experience with your own mobile app. 

Don’t tell what your product can do, show it. Find out more here.

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Written by
Alexis Fabbri

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