4 Reasons Thunkable Stands Out Against Competitors For Mobile App Development

Several factors must be considered when preparing for your mobile app development journey. In uncertain economic times, it is critical to understand all the steps involved in order to plan accordingly. Project management timelines, team resources, product requirements, and budgeting factors are key aspects to consider. As organizations look to streamline operations, investment in new product developments are in the spotlight.
Written by
Ariel Gonzalez
Published on
February 7, 2023

No code tooling is the perfect answer to streamlined operations due to its accessibility, flexibility, and speed. That's why 40% of Fortune 500 businesses have at least one team member actively using Thunkable for no code mobile app development. Thunkable has helped businesses save hundreds of thousands of dollars in headcount costs and development cycles and accelerated the timeframe of bringing their apps to market.

Let's take a look at how Thunkable helps teams move faster and implement a mobile-first strategy...

Ease of Use

Thunkable’s platform is suitable for teams of all technical backgrounds. The easy-to-use drag and drop app builder doesn’t require specific skill sets or coding knowledge to go from concept to deployment in a matter of days. By harnessing the power of design, development, testing, and deployment all from one platform, anyone on your team can test ideas before spending sprint cycles or development time on unproven ideas.

With robust documentation, tutorials, and hands-on support, Thunkable makes it easy to get started with app development, regardless of experience. That is why more than three million users have turned to Thunkable’s visual development platform to turn their ideas into apps.

Fully Native Capabilities

Native capabilities allow an application to tap into your device's full functionality and operate when not connected to the internet. For context on why businesses would want to access native capabilities, let’s review the three types of mobile-first experiences and what they accomplish.

  • Web-optimized sites: Such a website is specifically designed to render correctly on mobile devices of any size.
  • Progressive web apps: A downloadable application, progressive web apps, need online connectivity to operate. While these look and feel like apps but do not have the full ability to tap into native capabilities and will not work when the device is offline.
  • Native mobile apps: These apps can operate without internet connectivity and have the ability to tap into the device's full functionality, like cameras, geolocation, sensors, Bluetooth, and more.

Where other app development software fails in offering advanced native and Bluetooth (BLE) capabilities, our clients know they can rely on Thunkable, the best no code native app builder. With Thunkable, your team can tap into device-specific features like a user’s camera, microphone, location sensors, and much more, all without having to write a single line of code!

Thunkable is focused on providing users with the ability to tap into a device's full capabilities to give your users native mobile experiences.

Complete Customization

We regularly hear how teams hit roadblocks building their apps because the tool they were using did not allow them to break out of the template. Unfortunately, when this issue was detected, time and effort were already placed into developing the app.

At Thunkable, we believe you should have complete creative control over the mobile product. We provide our creators with the ability to design and align visuals down to each pixel of the user interface (UI), build custom logic, utilize third-party integrations through open APIs, and access deep native capabilities. We give creators the capacity to build what they need, how they need it. We give you full control of your app’s user interface, so you don’t have to compromise your mobile app's look, feel, and functionality.

With Thunkable, you have the flexibility to write custom javascript, or for those more comfortable with drag and drop blocks, you can develop advanced custom logic without any coding required.

Worried about your users going offline? Not a problem! We give you the ability to anticipate offline consumer habits and tap into the device’s native abilities like geolocation, BLE, and more!

Maintenance and Management

The real cost of product development doesn’t come from the initial creation; rather, it comes from the ongoing maintenance and management. It is generally estimated that over the lifespan of your digital products, maintenance will be four times more expensive than the initial costs to create the product.

Publish to the App Store, Google Play Store, and the web, all from one platform. For developers that have created mobile apps, you know there are strict requirements for publishing, including needing an Apple operating system to publish iOS apps. Thunkable has solved this with a seamless publishing wizard that allows anyone to publish, update, test, and deploy via a web-based tool. There is no need to download development toolkits or suites of tools to get your mobile-first experience deployed.

After deployment, mobile app development does not end. App updates will need to continue. Google and Apple constantly update their policies and app requirements, many of which occur in the background. Thunkable takes care of all these requirements by ensuring compliance and target requirements are up to date. So, as rules change from the app marketplaces, users just have to republish from Thunkable, and their apps will automatically be current. We make the management of your app a smooth process, so all you have to focus on is bringing the best mobile app experience to your customers.

Get Started with Thunkable

Are you ready to expand your product or service to a mobile-first strategy?

More than  80,000 businesses have turned to Thunkable, the best no code app builder, to bring a mobile-first experience to their customers. We provide a powerful platform for teams of various technical backgrounds to develop professional mobile apps with advanced capabilities, without increasing headcount and compromising their time-to-market schedules.

So, begin building your app with Thunkable today!

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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