2023 Apps of the Year: Celebrating the Power of No Code Development

Thunkable celebrates its 2023 Apps of the Year, recognizing innovative creators who built exceptional mobile apps with no code development.
Written by
Arun Saigal
Published on
December 19, 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Thunkable. We always close out the year by recognizing the best apps from our millions-strong community of Creators. 

For me, what we do has always been about pushing the boundaries of technology. That applies not only to what technology can do but also to who can create it. We started Thunkable to open the doors of mobile app development to everyone with an idea. The Thunkable Apps of the Year Award winners represent a diverse group of innovators who have used no code mobile app development to make an impact on their own organizations, and contribute to the global community. 

You can learn about the winning apps below. And if you’re reading this and you’re not on the list–what’s stopping you from making it next year?

App of the Year and Business Tool App of the Year 

The 2023 App of the Year winner also took home the Best Business Tool App of the Year crown too. Legal Shell aims to be “the ultimate document scanning and legal opinion app.” Created by Ivan Haustov, Legal Shell lets you effortlessly scan any document, contract, agreement, or even legal paperwork, and receive instant legal opinions from a team of experienced professionals. Find it on the Google Play Store and App Store.

App Creator of the Year

Stefan Eng is an entrepreneur based in Stockholm, Sweden. He spent 40 years in the travel industry before transitioning to banking. He’s worked as a web designer, content writer, and product marketer and now builds apps in his spare time. Eng has published multiple apps to the App Store and Play Store, including STRUL, Crossfix, and Travelix.

Get Stefan’s apps for Android.

Social Good App of the Year

Jackson Wirekoh, an experienced research scientist and engineer, wanted to revolutionize how Americans engage with their elected officials. He envisioned a platform that could bridge the gap between citizens and their representatives, making democracy more accessible and transparent.

His app, Every Voice, allows users to voice their political opinions, vote in polls, manage petitions, and share their concerns with their elected representatives at various levels of government. It's a tool that fosters transparency by providing information directly to elected government officials to help them make more informed decisions about the needs of their constituents.

Get Every Voice for iOS and Android.  

Utility App of the Year

Australian locksmith Barrie Fox wanted the freedom to explore when he bought a caravan (recreational vehicle) in 2017. But he soon found there was a learning curve. If you want to caravan in Australia legally, you have to closely keep track of your weight. And not just the weight of the caravan itself but everything you load in for a trip: food, beverages, and clothing. 

Fortunately for Fox, he found Thunkable and was able to create a custom calculator app. Caravan Mate assists in calculating cold tire pressure for vehicles and caravans. Cold tire pressure is a starting point and the App explains how to further check tire pressures after driving for a while. Calculations can be viewed in PSI, BAR, and KPA.

Find Caravan Mate on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Health & Wellness App of the Year 

The winner in this category is selected based on the app’s ability to improve the user’s overall well-being. Veganicapp helps the user find nearby vegan-friendly restaurants and stores. You can also use the barcode scanner to verify if an item or product is vegan or vegetarian (very helpful for this vegetarian CEO.) Congrats to Creator Javier Ivan Gonzalez Robles!

Get Veganicapp for iOS and Android

Game App of the Year 

If you've ever been to a baseball game, you know the thrill of hearing your favorite player’s “walk-up song” blaring through the stadium as they approach the plate to bat. A baseball player himself, Mikayden Gutierrez turned his love of America’s national pastime into a fun way to psych up players and the crowd. Batters Anthem lets the user create walk-up songs for their own baseball and softball teams. And the app offers a playlist feature that allows users to create playlists for in-between games and innings. 

Get Batters Anthem for iOS and Android

Education App of the Year

Our App Creator of the Year, Stefan Eng also scored a win in the education category for his app, Travelix. Airport and transportation industry professionals can up their skills by learning about terminology and codes for the travel industry. Users chase the three-star, gold level by trying and learning airport codes and terminology. Give this app a try if you’re a frequent flyer.

Get Travelix for Android

Lifestyle App of the Year

I’ve been known to freestyle a verse or two so I can appreciate an app that helps bring out your inner songwriter. Whether you're a teenager discovering your creative side or an experienced music enthusiast, FLOwriter can help you craft your own song lyrics or explore musical ideas. Choose your favorite music genre, songwriting style, and subject description. Created by Christopher Warrior, FLOwriter produces endless lyrical possibilities through the power of advanced AI, including Open AI’s ChatGPT.

The app is set to be released to the App Store this month. You can see the web-app preview here

Most Anticipated Release of 2024

Finally, we like to look at apps that haven’t yet been shared with the world, but that we believe can and will change it. TruBot by Praveen Kumar is an all-in-one app that offers a wide array of AI tools to enhance your digital experience. The app is designed to help users engage in conversations, generate stunning images, and generally explore the possibilities of AI image manipulation. TruBot is a comprehensive AI toolkit that continues to expand with new features and functionalities. So stay tuned! 

Now It’s Your Turn

I’m always inspired to see what our Creators can do on Thunkable. All of them started with an idea they knew they could make come alive with the right development platform. 

The work of changing the digital landscape and creating the next generation of mobile apps isn’t done. It never is! Do you want to create an app to change your world–or the world at large? Learn how the best of the best designed, developed, and launched their award-winning apps in our ebook. Not a Thunkable user yet? Sign up.

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Written by
Arun Saigal

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