No Code, Big Impact: Empowering Citizens, One App at a Time

Experience a transformative journey with Every Voice, a no code mobile app that revolutionizes lobbying power for ordinary people.
Written by
Ariel Gonzalez
Published on
November 14, 2023

“I came from a very low-income background and grew up in public housing. My family has had help from the government for a lot of things throughout my life. And so I've seen a lot of the cracks and kind of the underbelly of how our society runs. And so I really want to see big improvement, which really requires political intervention.”

Jackson Wirekoh, an experienced research scientist and engineer, wants to revolutionize how Americans engage with their elected officials. He envisioned a platform that could bridge the gap between citizens and their representatives, making democracy more accessible and transparent. This vision became a reality with Every Voice, an app that puts lobbying power into the hands of ordinary people. Jackson's journey with Every Voice and Thunkable is a testament to the power of innovative technology and a commitment to positive change.

The Need for Political Involvement

Growing up in public housing fueled Jackson's desire to make a difference. “In my mind, there are three places that I really want to see big improvement. Education is a big one. Healthcare is another one, and then kind of infrastructure and the way we're building things to help everyone in the U.S.,” he says. “And not just the people who are the most well-off in the wealthiest places. And for all of those things, they really require political intervention.”

So, Jackson aimed to create a platform that empowers people to speak out. "Every Voice" was born from this mission, offering a space for people to voice their concerns, connect with their representatives, and gain insights into their actions.

The Power of No Code: Building with Thunkable

To turn his vision into reality, Jackson needed a user-friendly, cross-platform, and no code native app builder solution that would reduce the complexities of working with different code bases. Thunkable was the answer, as it let him build the front-end iOS and Android app for "Every Voice" without the burden of traditional coding.

Having a background in robotics, Jackson was no stranger to the concept of "no code." He found Thunkable's no code mobile app development platform to be intuitive and easy to work with. For him, the real advantage lay in the ability to build once and deploy to multiple platforms, saving valuable time and effort. As a one-person development team responsible for front-end and back-end tasks, this was crucial. 

Inspirational quote by Jackson Wirekoh

Spurring Democracy with Every Voice

Every Voice became Jackson’s vehicle for empowering citizens to impact democracy directly. The app allows users to voice their opinions, vote in polls, manage petitions, and share their concerns with elected representatives at various levels of government. It's a tool that fosters transparency by providing information directly to elected representatives to help them make more informed decisions about the needs of their constituents.

Inspirational quote by Jackson Wirekoh

Jackson's goal for Every Voice is to make it easier for constituents to reach out to their representatives and influence decision-making. He believes there is power in action, and when a small number of people reach out to elected officials, it can significantly impact political agendas and benefit communities. With Every Voice, Wirekoh hopes to empower citizens to engage more effectively with their representatives and make a difference.

Image of multiple screens of phone app Every Voice

Bring Your Vision To Life: Take the First Step with Thunkable's Drag and Drop App Builder 

Jackson's dedication to making democracy more transparent and accessible and the power of technology make for a powerful combination that can have a huge impact on society. 

More than 3.5 million Thunkable Creators have built no code mobile apps that help make a difference in their communities and the world. Get started today building your app, no coding required!

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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