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Add Thunkable to Your Classroom

Students and educators get exclusive discounts – up to 80% off – on personal Thunkable plans to embrace mobile app development in the classroom.

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Why Teach Thunkable
in the Classroom?

Approachable Visual Development

Our drag-and-drop interface empowers beginners to explore and engage with technology without being intimidated by coding languages.

Teach Foundational Computer Science Principles

Thunkable’s block-based programming introduces core concepts like syntax, variables, and conditional logic to build the foundation for a career in computer science.

Create Tangible

No code mobile app development fosters a hands-on learning environment as students experiment, modify, and test their apps in real-time.

The Best Way to Learn Coding Concepts

Thunkable's visual development approach is engaging for all ages and gives students a tangible outcome that they get to see come together in real time.

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Shape Developers of
the Future

Computer science course material can be repetitive and routine. Thunkable is different because students can incorporate key concepts they've learned while creating a completely custom app.

Kickstart Careers in Computer Science

Empower students with the skills needed to foster careers in roles like website developers, artificial intelligence engineers, data scientists, and more. Shape computer science foundations for the future with Thunkable!

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Educator Resources

Ready to introduce computer science in your classroom? Check out these helpful e-books, articles, and webinars for helpful tips.

Computer Science Education: Staying Ahead of the Curve

The field of computer science education is rapidly evolving, with middle and high school students studying cybersecurity, app development, and complex coding languages, and CS teacher Steve Zanotti has had a front-row seat to the rapid changes in the field. Download his creator success story to learn how Thunkable supports Zanotti’s overall approach to learning by allowing his students to create something personal.

Learn how one Thunkable Creator used our drag and drop app builder to create a custom calculator for caravan drivers.


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