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What's New with Thunkable? February 2024 Product Updates

Explore the latest product updates for Thunkable's no code native app builder in this month’s Product Round Up.
Written by
Ariel Gonzalez
Published on
February 29, 2024

As we kick off another exciting month, we're thrilled to share Thunkable’s latest updates to elevate your app-building experience. Check out the updates, from our upgraded navigation tools to a beneficial partnership with Fiverr that our Creators can benefit from. 

Join us as we dive into the latest developments, showcase inspiring apps, and offer invaluable resources to fuel your creativity and success.

Minimap for Enhanced Block Navigation

Introducing the Minimap feature for Blocks on the Thunkable platform! Now, Creators can effortlessly navigate through their block functionality, making app modifications smoother and more efficient than ever before. 

What Does This Mean for You?

Do you have a complex project and find it hard to locate the exact block combinations you’re working on? With Thunkable’s minimap, you can quickly navigate and manage your app's logic with ease by scrolling, zooming, and moving through the block combinations you’ve built. This will enhance your development experience across all of your screens.

Who Is This Available To? 

The minimap feature is available to all Thunkable Creators! Check it out today or if you haven’t already, create your account and start building on Thunkable’s drag and drop app builder today!

Airtable API Keys Update

As part of our commitment to maintaining optimal performance and security standards, we have removed support for Airtable deprecated API keys. For those of you still using this method of API access to your data stored in Airtable, please note that your app will no longer be able to render data. To ensure seamless connectivity,  update your Airtable database configurations and keep your app working seamlessly for all your users. And for those of you looking to use Airtable as your data source, check out our docs for the best way to get started today.  

Exciting Partnership with Fiverr for Thunkable Certified Experts

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Certified Experts Marketplace through our partnership with Fiverr. 

This marketplace is bringing together the best Thunkable app developers to provide help during every stage of the app development process. If you need help designing, developing, or building certain features – check out this marketplace to get hands-on help in turning your idea into an app. There are freelancers available today. Simply browse available Thunkable certified experts, engage with them through the Fiverr-certified platform, and get the help you need building your apps. 

If you’re a Thunkable expert and you’re interested in joining the marketplace, then you can register for the platform here. As a certified freelancer, you can set your own rates, pick your own projects, and work on projects that excite you; all while making money. 

Check out the Thunkable Certified Experts Marketplace today! 

Discover New Remixable Showcase Apps

Explore a fresh collection of showcase apps now available on the Thunkable Platform! From utilities like an Expense Tracker app to business tooling like a Building Materials app, these showcase apps serve as inspiring examples of what's possible with Thunkable. 

Get inspired, learn new techniques, and spark your creativity as you embark on your app-building endeavors.

Learn How to Publish Your Mobile App

Wish you had someone to walk you through the app publishing process? 

We’ve got two great resources just for you: an on-demand webinar hosted by our resident publishing expert and a comprehensive ebook all about publishing. This ebook guides you through publishing for both iOS and Android devices and is a must-have companion for all mobile app developers. Learn best practices, common mistakes, and everything you’ll need to get your apps into the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned developer, both resources offer valuable insights and practical tips to help you navigate the app publishing journey successfully. 

Build Your No Code Mobile App with Thunkable!

Each new Thunkable feature and product announcement is crafted with one goal in mind: to empower Creators like you to bring your app ideas to life with ease and confidence. 

Stay tuned for more exciting features, partnerships, and educational opportunities coming your way in the future!

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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