What's New with Thunkable? August 2023 Product Updates

Ready for another round of Thunkable product updates? This is what's new with Thunkable's drag and drop app builder in August 2023.
Written by
Ariel Gonzalez
Published on
August 30, 2023

Fall is right around the corner, and so are many new updates we are happy to share with you. 

Just as we are wrapping up our summer, we are delighted to bring you the latest updates and announcements to make Thunkable the best no code app creation platform in your mobile app-building toolbox. 

Location, Location, Location!

We’ve got several exciting geocoding features for you to add to your mobile app! To improve the mapping features available to our Creators, we now have a new location block where you can retrieve a location, utilize geocoding, or do a reverse geocoding.

What Does This Mean for You?

Maps and location capabilities in an app can provide a better user experience for your customers. Let them tap into the abilities they need, so they don’t have to toggle out of your app to look at a map. Keep everything, including your audience’s attention, in your app with the following:

  • Web Geocoding: You can now publish a web app with geocoding capabilities by simply entering your Geocoding API Key in your project settings.
  • Geocoding: Convert between a text address and latitude-longitude coordinate pairs using use the Coordinates from Address block in the Location drawer of blocks.
  • Reverse Geocoding: Retrieve the latitude-longitude pair into a text address with the Address from Coordinates block.

Who Is This Available To? 

Our new Location drawer can be found in the App Features Block category, available for all app Creators. Get started building your no code mobile app! 

Need some inspiration on how to incorporate mapping in your app? Check out our friends at Google Maps blog. 

Airtable OAuth Updates

Airtable announced their API Key deprecation period will conclude on Feb 1, 2024, and existing API keys will no longer be used to access the Airtable API.

What Does This Mean for You?

Due to Airtable’s latest announcement, we have now enabled users to connect an Airtable base to their app using OAuth. To learn more about connecting via OAuth follow our documentation.

Who Is This Available To? 

We ensure all our Creators have the ability to build professional-grade apps so our OAuth capabilities are available to all our Creators. If you are looking to publish your no code mobile app app, then upgrade to the Pro license and release your app for both Android and iOS devices.

Tutorial: Create a Text-to-Speech App

In under three minutes, we show you how to bring written words to life by converting them into spoken audio using the text-to-speech functionality within Thunkable. To accompany your step-by-step tutorial, you can also explore what languages are supported and what all the Speech blocks can do for you in our documentation.

Tutorial: Create Navigation Functionality

Need an easy way to enable your users to switch between screens while using your app? In this quick tutorial, we show you how to use the “navigate to” block to allow your app’s users to navigate between app screens with a simple button click.

Want more tutorials? Check out our playlist of tutorials showing Creators how to use Thunkable’s drag and drop app builder.

Get Building Your No Code Mobile App

Unleash your creativity and build an exciting mobile app with no coding required! Start today on your app development journey and build custom, native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. 

Interested in a demo for your unique needs? Contact us so we can show you what is possible on the best no code app builder on the market.

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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