What is App Store Optimization, and Why is it Important? 

You've made a no code app using Thunkable, but how do you make sure people find and use it? Learn about app store optimization in this blog.
Written by
Alexis Fabbri
Published on
September 1, 2023

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it… You probably know the eternal question. Well, if you carefully design, develop, and deploy your mobile app and you don’t optimize, will anyone find it?

You’re competing for downloads with thousands of apps published on the Apple App Store (more than 1,200) and the Google Play Store (more than 2,700) every day, you have to do everything you can to make sure your app is visible. 

Web developers face the same kind of challenges, concerning themselves with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to make sure their site appears at the top of search results in all major search engines. For mobile app developers, App Store Optimization (ASO) focuses on maximizing visibility and download rates for apps in app stores. ASO is crucial because it directly impacts how discoverable your app is on app stores, ultimately leading to the success or failure of your big idea.      

So, how do you optimize your app? 

1. Do Your (Keyword) Research

Identify relevant keywords that might be used to search for apps like yours. You can use tools like App Store Connect (for Apple) and Google Play Console (for Android) to gather keyword ideas. Consider both short-tail (broad topics like “travel”) and long-tail (longer and more specific like, “best low-budget Europe travel apps”) keywords. 

2. Craft a Strong Title

Your app title should include some of those relevant keywords while remaining concise and memorable. Put the most important keywords at the beginning of the title to make sure they’re read first. 

3. Design an App Icon

Create an eye-catching and memorable app icon that reflects the essence of your app, and then make sure is recognizable and scalable to different sizes.

4. Write a Strong, Specific App Description

Write a clear and engaging app description that highlights your app's main features and benefits. You should try to incorporate relevant keywords naturally, while also focusing on making the description user-friendly and engaging. 

5. Take Screenshots and Videos

Use high-quality screenshots that showcase your app's user interface and key features. If you can, maybe even make a promotional video that demonstrates how your app works and its main functionalities.

6. Solicit App Ratings and Reviews

Encourage your users to leave positive reviews and ratings on the app store. Respond to user feedback, both positive and negative, to show your commitment to improving the app, and make appropriate updates and changes. 

7. Find Your App Category and Subcategory

Choose the most appropriate category and subcategory for your app to ensure it appears in relevant search results.

8. Localize Your App 

Translate your app's metadata (title, description, keywords) into multiple languages if your target audience is global. Localized content increases your app's chances of being discovered by users from different regions.

9. Update Your App

Regularly update your app, fix bugs, make improvements, and roll out new features. Mention these updates in your app description to show your users that your app is actively maintained.

10. Perform A/B Testing

Continuously experiment with different elements of your app's listing to see which ones lead to higher conversion rates. Test different keywords, screenshots, icons, and descriptions to find the most effective combinations.

11. Analyze Your Competition 

Study your competitors' app listings to identify what keywords and strategies they're using. Learn from their successes and find gaps to refine your own ASO strategy.

12. Promote and Market Your App

Use your social media channels, blogs, and other online platforms to promote your app. Leverage influencers, online communities, and even media to increase visibility. And keep the drumbeat going. 

Final Thoughts

ASO is not “one and done.” It’s an ongoing process. Regularly review and update your app's listing based on user feedback, performance metrics, and changes in the app store algorithms. ASO is a fundamental pillar that can significantly impact your app's trajectory. From boosting visibility and downloads to providing cost-effective marketing and better user experiences, ASO gives you a strong foundation for your app's success in a competitive landscape. By investing time and effort into ASO, you're investing in the growth and longevity of your app.

Get Started with Thunkable

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Written by
Alexis Fabbri

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