Unleashing Creativity: Young Innovators Build No Code Mobile Apps with Thunkable

Some of the most innovative Creators using Thunkable's no code app builder are the youngest. Be inspired by these students' stories.
Written by
Ariel Gonzalez
Published on
July 25, 2023

Innovation knows no bounds in a world driven by technological advancements, especially for the younger generation. Students today have the power to turn their ideas into mobile apps without having to know how to code. And that means they can solve real problems! 

We celebrate the incredible achievements of these young creators who are harnessing the power of Thunkable’s no code native app builder to make impactful mobile apps. Get ready to be inspired by their stories!

High School Students Create COVID Screening App 

As students were returning to school after the pandemic, a group of Rhode Island high school students from the Women in Technology Club at the William M. Davies Jr. Career & Technical High School worked with their instructor to develop a no code mobile app for daily COVID-19 symptom screener. 

The app served as a crucial tool for students, teachers, and staff to ensure a safe learning environment. Educator Joe Mazzone shares their story:

“A group of [my students] were in the newspaper for a COVID screening app [they built]. We had a database so everybody in the school could report their symptoms. The database then reported back to the state, and we'd have a report that the admin could generate from it. So, we created the mobile app for everyone to have on their own personal devices. We created in Thunkable two different responsive [mobile] web apps for these dashboards for the administrators to log in and get the data."

By answering a series of symptom-screening questions provided by the Department of Health and inquiries about travel and potential exposure, users determine their eligibility to enter the school premises. Through the ingenuity of these young Thunkable Creators, the health screening app facilitated a safer and more secure educational experience for all.

Teen App Creator Builds Vegetarian and Vegan Alternatives App

Ayush Sanghavi of Buckinghamshire, England, built an app to provide vegetarian food options. Inspired by his own difficulties in finding proper food alternatives, he conducted detailed research on vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.

Sanghavi built his app at the age of 14 with Thunkable’s drag and drop app builder and published his app at age 17. His story was even featured in the HuffPost! Excited and empowered by the ability to build an app on his own at a young age, Sanghavi shares his experience:

“I always thought apps were only made by large companies or by people who had studied high-level computer science, so finding out it wasn’t that exclusive was quite eye-opening to me.”

Engineering Students’ App Wins the Best Scientific Approach Award

App creator 17-year-old Camille Hacquet and his team wanted to motivate drivers to start biking. But how can you convince people to ditch their cars? Provide an incentive — a financial one. 

Hacquet built Bikee, a performance tracker app with Bluetooth that syncs with a device Hacquet’s team 3D modeled and built. The app records a biker’s distance and then transfers the data to their health insurance company as proof of a healthy lifestyle, reducing premiums. Hacquet’s Bikee app was built in four days with Thunkable and earned Hacquet and his team the prize for the best scientific approach at the 2022 Engineering Science Olympiad put on by the Union of Technical and Industrial Science Teachers (UPSTI) with the support of the Ministry of National Education. 

A Nine-Year-Old’s App Catches the Attention of Google Play

A nine-year-old coder caught the attention of her local news for building a global music app. Why? Siyona Gangidi made an app that allows musicians to create a user profile to list the instruments they play and connect them in a chat room called Band Fun. And now Google Play is also looking to make a deal with her. 

Gangidi was inspired to create this no code mobile app during the pandemic to allow musicians to connect during a time when there were COVID restrictions and a lack of auditions. Through her passion and app development skills, Gangidi is bringing together musicians across the globe.

Congressional App Winner Brings Water Conservation to the Forefront

Impacted by the drought in her community, Frances Liang, a high school student, was motivated to create an app to help combat water waste and bring awareness about water usage.  

To encourage users to be mindful of their daily water consumption, Liang named her app Smartwater. Liang shared how her app works:

“[In my app], you would answer a series of questions. ‘How often do you do a certain task? How often do you do the laundry? Is it an old [washing machine] which has very different water usage amounts than the modern kind of machines? What is your meat intake?’ Through these series of questions, I would calculate a rough estimate of how many gallons of water a day a person would use and hopefully provide insight into what aspects of their life are really contributing to their water usage.” 

Liang won the Congressional App Challenge for middle and high school students in the United States.

Read more inspiring stories of young app creators placing environmental conservation at the forefront.

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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