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Mobile App Security: It’s Not a Feature, It’s the Foundation

Security at Thunkable is not a feature; it's our foundation—a testament to our pledge to safeguard your creative journey from inception to deployment.
Written by
Ariel Gonzalez
Published on
February 13, 2024

As the landscape of no code platforms broadens, the significance of security for your development tool of choice has never been more essential. Ensuring your projects, apps, and users are secure should be at the core of your selection requirements. Here, we’ll provide an overview of our security protocol, revealing how we shield your mobile app projects with our security.

Imagine crafting your app in a space where innovation thrives on the bedrock of security. Thunkable offers full security measures that go into protecting your mobile app development projects.

Platform Security at Thunkable

Our approach to security is twofold: it's designed to be seamless with your user experience while offering comprehensive protection for your data. From the moment you start drafting your app on our drag and drop builder to the day you deploy, every step is guarded by our meticulous security measures.

Your ​​Data Protection and Privacy

Your innovative app ideas deserve the highest level of protection. As you bring these ideas to life on Thunkable, we employ industry-standard security practices to guard every byte of your data, making your development journey both secure and seamless.

Data's Safe Haven

We are unwavering in our commitment to data protection, employing regular backups and robust encryption methods to secure your work. Hosted on state-of-the-art secure cloud hosting, your data is secured by the most advanced security measures, ensuring your projects are safe from unauthorized access.

Seamless and Secure Connectivity

Encrypted connections safeguard every interaction with Thunkable, ensuring a secure bridge between your mobile app idea and our technology. Your data's integrity and privacy are our top priorities, underpinning our relentless pursuit of safeguarding your app-building work.

Architecting Security with Precision

Our security architecture combines strategic partnerships and advanced technological capabilities, offering scalability and protection. By partnering with trusted entities we ensure your projects benefit from a foundation that is as secure as it is robust.

As your ambitions grow, so does our platform. We employ sophisticated security protection and containerization so that our defenses scale with our service, maintaining a dependable environment for your mobile app projects.

Secured Partnerships 

​​We proactively update our software dependencies and enhance our security protocols, so that your app development is built on a foundation of the latest security standards. Integrating external platforms like Airtable or Google Sheets into your Thunkable projects extends your capabilities— but not your security concerns. We ensure these connections are enveloped in Thunkable’s security measures, safeguarding your data across platforms.

Solidifying Our Security Promise

Through stringent practices and regular testing, our security measures go beyond promises—they reflect our dedication to your success. We adhere to the best industry practices, ensuring that Thunkable remains a beacon of trust and reliability in the no code app development space.

Begin Your Secure App Development Journey

With Thunkable, you're not just using a no code platform; you're stepping into a secure environment where innovation is not just welcomed; it's protected. Embrace a worry-free app development journey with Thunkable, where your creativity knows no bounds, and your projects are shielded by our comprehensive security measures.

Start building your app today—where innovation meets security. Bring your ideas to life with confidence. Sign up today—it's free to build. Let your next app be a testament to your creativity, built on the secure, innovative foundation that is Thunkable.

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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