Three Ways to Avoid Rejection from App Stores

Learn how to navigate app store submissions with confidence to increase your chances of app approval.
Written by
Alexis Fabbri
Published on
April 17, 2024

You started with an idea. Then, step-by-step you built a beautiful, useful, functional mobile app. And now it’s time to share it with the world by publishing it to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. But here’s the thing: as much as we hate to say it, you need to prepare for rejection. 

Getting your app rejected from the app store can be frustrating and time-consuming, but it happens more often than you might think. App stores have strict guidelines and policies to maintain quality, security, and usability standards. If your app does get rejected, don’t get discouraged! Here are three things that can increase your chances of getting your app approved for both Apple and Android.

What to Focus On Before Submitting Your App  

1. User Interface and Experience 

Apps that offer poor user experiences or fail to adhere to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines or Android’s App Quality Guidelines are likely to be rejected. Invest time in designing an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing interface. 

2. Functionality

One common reason for rejection is that the app's functionality is not clearly described or is misleading. Make sure your app description, screenshots, and preview videos accurately represent what the app does. Being transparent and detailed about your app’s features helps the review team assess your app more effectively.

3. Thorough Testing 

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you, as the app developer, are required to test the release version of your app on an Android tablet device and a handheld device. Nothing is worse than releasing your app to a mass audience to find out that the user experience is vastly different on various devices. And make sure your app is complete! Incomplete apps or those containing placeholder content are highly subject to rejection. Before submission, ensure your app is fully functional, all content is final, and every feature works as intended. 

Incorporating these tips into your submission strategy can significantly reduce the chances of facing rejections. Remember, preparation and attention to detail are key to overcoming the challenges of app store submission and achieving approval for your app.

Understanding Rejections, Making Revisions, and Resubmitting

If your app doesn't meet the guidelines, the Apple App Store or Google Play Store will inform you of the specific reasons for their rejection. Carefully review the feedback to understand which guidelines were not met. You’ll often get detailed explanations and suggestions for how to resolve the issues. Address all the issues identified by the review team. This may involve making changes to your app’s functionality, adjusting its content, or updating the app store listing.

After making the necessary adjustments, resubmit your app for review. Document the changes made in response to the review team’s feedback to facilitate a smoother review process.

To dive deeper into these steps and uncover more about the entire mobile app publishing process, download "The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Publishing.” From preparation to publication, this guide is designed to navigate you through every aspect of publishing to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

And remember: never give up!

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Written by
Alexis Fabbri

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