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The First Course of Thunkable Academy is Here!

We're so excited to announce that the first course of Thunkable Academy is LIVE! Learn how to build your first app using the best no code app builder.
Written by
Lisa Manthei
Published on
November 18, 2022

Our first full course on Thunkable Academy is here!

We are proud to bring together a cohesive and in-depth program to help anyone become no code app builders. In the grand scheme of things, Thunkable Academy’s aim is to go beyond tutorials and documentation, to give you a path to designing, developing, publishing, and growing your user base. 

Launching Thunkable Academy was a collaborative process, with nearly every team member contributing, and we can’t wait to share it with all of our Creators! We know not everyone loves teaching themselves or excels at doing so, so it’s our hope that this bridges the gap for anyone who needs help getting started with our drag and drop app builder. 

What is Thunkable Academy?

Thunkable Academy is Thunkable's self-paced learning environment. We produce videos which cover the basics and best practices to start. With time, these lessons become more advanced as the Creator continues.

Simply put, Thunkable Academy is designed to help you quickly and effectively create your own custom, native, no code mobile apps.

Why We’re Excited About Thunkable Academy

We’ll leave this one with our Creator Education Manager, Lindsay Kregersen, the mastermind behind crafting these video lessons. She shared, “There is soooo much that is possible with the Thunkable platform, and the Creator Success team is here to support our Creators in reaching their goals with Thunkable!”

Kregersen continued, “I am so proud of this first course, ‘How to Build Your First Thunkable App,’ which will get Creators started, and we have more advanced courses in the works!”

What’s Next for Thunkable Academy?

This first course is just the beginning. Our Creator Education team is already working on the next courses, which will cover more advanced use cases.

Future courses will be available before you know it. The second Thunkable Academy course is slated for release in 2023!

What Courses Would You Like to See?

We’re building these courses and this Academy for you! That being said, we know the best way to serve you is to directly ask for input. So, if you have a course you’d like to see or a question you’d like to see addressed, we welcome recommendations! To leave us one, all you have to do is comment here!

If you’re interested in learning more about creating your own no code mobile apps, check out Thunkable Academy to get started today. Be sure to check back frequently, as new courses will be continuously added. And, if you haven't started on your own no code app, sign up on Thunkable for free to get started on the best no code app builder.

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Written by
Lisa Manthei

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