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The Best Way to Unleash Innovation on Your Team

Looking for new ways to inspire your team? Unleash innovation on your team with no code apps like Thunkable, the best no code mobile app builder.
Written by
The Thunkable Team
Published on
March 25, 2022

Keeping employees inspired, motivated, and engaged can be quite a challenge, especially in today’s workplace climate. More and more, businesses are offering their team members incentives to try to continuously entice them to stay involved and passionate about the work they do.

How No Code Mobile App Development Can Inspire and Motivate Your Team

Incentives aren’t just things like “casual Fridays” or gift card raffles to boost morale. Instead, they can be any number of different things.  One often overlooked way to improve employee engagement and motivation is by offering opportunities for innovation and creativity.

Allowing your team members to explore new skills and ideas gives them the freedom to take some risks, which shows them you have respect for their ideas. Equip and inspire your team to give them the opportunity to impress (and potentially improve your business in the process)!

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No Coding Experience Necessary

Around every water cooler or Slack chat, your employees are constantly talking about a broken process, program, or organically sharing ideas for improving your product or service. These conversations happen every day, but people often feel uncomfortable leaving their job duty silo to take action on these ideas. This is usually attributed to company culture, but if you dig a layer or two deeper, it is really because your team doesn’t have the tools to take the leap of faith that is trying something new. In fact, 78% of workers wish they had the more creative ability within their job roles. Businesses fail to consider that creativity already exists within your organization; team members just need tools to act on their ideas.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to offer innovation and creativity but aren’t looking to risk major capital investments, you can use no code tools to give your team the resources at an affordable cost. The best part? They don’t even need to know how to code. Thunkable is a convenient and easy-to-use platform that takes the coding out of mobile app development, giving your employees the freedom to create something new without investing time and money into learning how to code.

Your team can start from scratch, or they can rework a template your team builds. Think of it as a hackathon but without the need to put a time limitation around the innovation process. There’s no need to know how to develop, code, or program anything. The freedom to create and innovate is right at their fingertips.

Your Team's Investment is Your Business' Investment

Did you know that 60% of CEOs polled cited creativity as the most important leadership quality, but 80% of workers felt the pressure to be productive, rather than creative, at work? This vast discrepancy shows the bottleneck within organizations that is choking out innovation.

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The first reason to inspire innovation is that when you offer your team the opportunity to create or start something new within the business, it shows them you view them as valuable. It gives them an opportunity to develop a sense of pride and ownership in your business. Investing your time and money into them is a return on investment for your business. This investment is more than monetary.

Secondly, the investment for your business is that at a low cost, you’ve given them the right tools to try, test, and expand on the services or products your business provides. As a business owner, you can show your employees that you believe in them by offering opportunities like this, but you can also dramatically improve your product and service offerings.

You may have heard the story of Richard Montañez, Frito Lay’s janitor that invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and grew into one of the most respected executives in the food industry. This story is remarkable, but innovation like this lives within every organization. The impacts may be less dramatic than Richard’s contribution, but it only benefits your business to let employees get hands-on with creativity.

Start with Low-Risk, High-Reward, No Code Mobile App Development

It’s no easy task running your business and growing your dream. Far too often, there’s little room for risk and no room for error. Thunkable gives your team the chance to create something entirely new to help your business, but it’s also engaging, easy to use, and allows them the chance they don’t usually have to explore and innovate with new ideas. It’s affordable, so there’s low-risk involved. It’s user-friendly, so it’s also high-reward!

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Written by
The Thunkable Team

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