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The Best Coding Program For Kids: Why Students Love Thunkable

Discover why students love Thunkable, a powerful no code mobile app builder, and how it has helped students both academically and professionally.
Written by
Ariel Gonzalez
Published on
August 15, 2022

As an educator, you may look for fun and engaging coding programs for kids to show them the wonders of computer science and the benefits of stem education. However, it can be tough to gain students' interest in computer science, since many barriers exist. Such barriers include computer science topics not seeming appealing, coding seeming too complicated, or students fearing failure before even getting started. Such concerns are a big reason why educators struggle to get kids interested in coding.

Enter: Thunkable.

Thunkable lowers the barrier to entry for anyone interested in learning to code. If you're looking for educational tools to help your students fall in love with computer science, then keep reading to find out some of the top reasons students love Thunkable, a powerful no code mobile app development platform.

The Ability to Start No Code App Creation for Free

Students at the university level are already tight on money. Between paying for tuition and academic books, professors adding coding software for kids to purchase isn't college budget friendly. This is precisely why university students love being able to build for free on Thunkable.

“My students loved that they could dive straight into building apps for free and that they could continue even after the course was over. They loved that they weren't restricted to a certain software or program and couldn't ever go back to their app project again. Thunkable is truly something that students can continue to utilize even after the semester wraps up.”

- Domhnall O’Hanlon, Thunkable Educator & Enterprise Manager

(Fun fact: Domhnall started as an educator teaching Thunkable, but he loved the platform so much that he came to work for Thunkable and teach other folks to joys and benefits of using our drag and drop app builder!) 

The Capacity to Build a Portfolio to Show Employers and Clients

Students love using Thunkable’s no code native app builder because they can add their student projects to their portfolios when job hunting. Thunkable provides an easy way for students to create professional-looking applications demonstrating their skills and abilities. This is a huge advantage in a competitive job market, where recruiters are always on the lookout for talented and innovative employees. Adding Thunkable projects to their resumes will help students stand out from the competition and prove they have the skills necessary to succeed in the tech industry.

"I've had a number of students get jobs and say, 'It really helped that I kinda knew software or software building and all that. And I wasn't scared of stuff. And I showed my employer these apps I had built,' and that was just the one semester they took coding. [Some students even] went and got real world clients to try to build things."

- David Wolber, Computer Science Professor at the University of San Francisco

The Potential to Impact the Community

With Thunkable, students can use their skills to help their community in need. Several student projects have solved problems and made people's lives easier. These types of interdisciplinary projects between computer science and civic engagement are essential for students, as it helps them learn how to use their skills for the benefit of others. It also gives students a sense of accomplishment and makes them feel like they are making a real difference in the world.

"What was really powerful was here you have students, in our programs, across different cities and across different countries coming together to solve a problem. They have the right tools to do that. We're seeing, ‘Can we build an app to reduce waste in Indian cities?’ and then kids across the city, across the country are trying to build an app for it, which was really powerful to me because that's what true collaboration is, agnostic of where you are. It's really powerful collaboration to bring young minds together, to work together. "

- Kriti Thakur, Program Lead at The Big Red Group

The Ability to Spark Interest in Computer Science

Computer science is one of the world's most rapidly growing and in-demand fields. However, despite the booming industry, many students shy away from computer science because they feel it's too hard for them to accomplish. Students often think they need to be a genius or excel at STEM subjects to pursue computer science. Additionally, the lack of female representation in computer science is another barrier to entry, making it difficult for young girls to see themselves pursuing a career in this field.

However, with tools like Thunkable, coding for kids becomes accessible, and students see how easy it is to get started and build real mobile apps. This sparks an interest in computer science and makes it a more appealing topic to learn. As a result, several Thunkable students have been encouraged to pursue computer science by majoring in the subject or seeking jobs in the tech industry after graduation.

"I think coding is seen as this [big] thing for a lot of students, and they knew some kids in high school that did it, but it was not common. It seemed really hard.  All of a sudden, they're doing it and they're building an app and they can see the app on their phone. It blows people away. We get a lot of students to take that non-major course and then end up getting a CS minor and going on and taking the traditional courses."

- David Wolber, Computer Science Professor at the University of San Francisco

The Capacity to Instill Pride and a Feeling of Accomplishment

While building in Thunkable, students see the benefits of learning STEM subjects. With Thunkable, students can create something tangible they can show off to their friends and family. This gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride in creating an app that they previously never thought they could build on their own.

"I think it has a huge effect on students seeing the value in computer science and an access to computer science education in the very beginning. Students go, 'Oh, this is really cool.' Because it's stuff that [they] use on a daily basis and [they] can make something and show it off to [their] friends really easily makes them feel confident that it's a field for them and that they can do it."

- Joe Mazzone, Computer Science Educator

Get Started with the Best No Code App Builder

With Thunkable's drag and drop app builder, students can develop their coding skills while having fun and can quickly start building mobile apps to show future employers or clients. Using Thunkable in coding classes for kids allows educators to inspire students to pursue computer science as a major or profession. By providing a platform where anyone can build an app, Thunkable gives students a sense of accomplishment and empowerment which can fuel their interest in pursuing majors or careers in tech.

Are you an educator looking for EdTech tools to introduce computer science concepts to your students? Get started with Thunkable today!

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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