Embrace the No Code Revolution: A Fireside Chat with Experts

Interested in learning more about the no code revolution happening these days? Tune into this fireside chat with CEOs from Thunkable and NoCodeOps.
Written by
Ariel Gonzalez
Published on
June 8, 2023

Businesses today need to consistently innovate, accelerate operations, and deliver products customers love to stay competitive in the marketplace. The demand for speed and innovation is resulting in businesses turning to low code and no code solutions. 

According to Varsha Mehta, Senior Market Research Specialist at Gartner, “Organizations are increasingly turning to low-code development technologies to fulfill growing demands for speed application delivery and highly customized automation workflows.” The rapid adoption of low code and no code technologies is further solidified in Gartner’s prediction that by 2025, 70% of new applications built by organizations will use low code or no code technologies.

The workplace is quickly being reshaped by the no code revolution. That’s why professionals need the tools and knowledge to reimagine technological advancement and spur innovation in the workplace. 

Unlocking the Value of No Code Tooling

No code tooling is a way for organizations to find and implement solutions regardless of budget or staffing constraints. No code tooling provides three key elements every strapped team faces: efficiency, speed, and power. With no code platforms, teams can quickly get onboarded and begin implementing solutions to their problems in a matter of weeks rather than months.  Upskilling teams allows organizations to invest in the employees they already have. And employees can benefit from adding their new skillsets to their resume and advancing their careers.

How can your organization learn more and get started?

Join the Conversation Between No Code Experts

In an exclusive fireside chat between founders and advocates of the no code movement, our featured experts will delve into the transformative power of no code tooling. 

thunkable webinar nocodeopps no code revolution

Let’s meet them!

Arun Saigal is a sought-after thought leader in the no code space and is leading the revolution in no code mobile app development. Saigal is the Co-Founder and CEO of Thunkable, the drag and drop app builder that allows anyone to design, develop, and deploy native Android, iOS, and web applications. Through his platform, Saigal has empowered more than three and a half million people in 184 countries in no code app creation to build more than seven million apps with Thunkable.

Philip Lakin is the Co-Founder and CEO of NoCodeOps, the first purpose-built ecosystem dedicated to operations professionals reimagining the future of internal innovation with no-code solutions. Lakin has more than eight years of experience in operations, internal system implementation, field marketing, and onboarding.

In this engaging session, we’ll discuss:

  • Best practices for selecting and adopting the right tools,
  • The power of no code solutions to solve complex problems,
  • Shifting focus to solutions rather than staffing, and
  • Reshaping the future of work with no code.

Join us for a session of knowledge sharing, networking, and inspiration as we unlock the full potential of the no code revolution together.

Can’t join? No problem; we’ll send a recording of the session once you register, so you can watch it at your convenience.

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Written by
Ariel Gonzalez

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