New Product Release Announcement: Thunkable Organizations

Today, Thunkable announced the launch of Thunkable Organizations. The launch comes at a time of tremendous growth in the no code and mobile app development industries.
Written by
John McMullan
Published on
February 23, 2023

Today, Thunkable announced the launch of Thunkable Organizations. The launch comes at a time of tremendous growth in the no code and mobile app development industries. This launch is yet another step forward in making no code mobile app development a team sport. 

Thunkable Organizations is comprised of three key builder experience features: Collaboration, Administration, and Versioning. Each of these features unlocks new, extensible capabilities for organizations of any size. And, together, they create an even better builder experience. We will dive into each of these features in more detail later. But, first, it is important to address the “Why?” behind this product release. 

The Need for Thunkable Organizations 

Collaboration is a crucial aspect of the modern-day work culture, especially for innovative teams that want to unlock the talents of all their teammates. As hybrid and remote work become the norm, most tools incorporate collaboration capabilities. With shared digital workspaces, leaders need a seamless way to permit access to various responsibilities. As IT teams struggle to support the vast amount of tools, applications, and support required, it became table stakes for the best tools to have core administration and versioning capabilities. We have heard from hundreds of creators and companies that they’d love to be able to work together on single projects.

Given the state of the market, we have seen more and more organizations turning to no code tooling to provide a competitive advantage when it comes to innovation and streamlined efficiency. 

Thunkable Organizations was chartered and built to solve three key problems that organizations of all sizes face: 

  1. Enabling Citizen Development: Approximately 60% of all custom applications are now built outside the IT department, 30% of which are built by employees with limited or no technical skills, according to the Project Management Institute. Companies of all sizes need to streamline operations while keeping innovation at the heart of everything they do. The best solution to this need is to give Citizen Developers the tools to unlock solutions to their own problems. 
  2. No Code Development is a Team Sport: Collaboration is a requirement for all modern digital tooling. To provide synergies across teams, business units, and the broader no code community, the ability to work together to create new ideas is a must. The no code community has always embraced #buildinpublic, #100daysofnocode, and many other movements. Now, with project collaboration, it’s possible to carry community-sourced ideas even further. 
  3. Maximizing Productivity: We firmly believe that great ideas are everywhere and everyone should be given the tools to become active creators of technology. Thunkable Organizations is the next iteration in the pursuit of this mission. When people work together, they unlock possibilities that extend beyond what they could create on their own. Working together helps maximize productivity. An Organization can be a small team of creators, the next brilliant start-up idea, or an enterprise company. Regardless of the Organization, we know that working together helps teams go faster and further. 

A Deeper Look at Thunkable Organizations 

As mentioned, Thunkable Organizations is comprised of three key builder experience features. Collaboration, Administration, and Versioning together comprise an enterprise-grade suite of tooling for any team to adopt no code mobile app development.

Let’s take a deeper look at the three key features of Thunkable Organizations. 


Collaboration is simply the ability for multiple creators to work on the same workspace together. Skill sets, domain experts, and stakeholders are dispersed throughout teams, so it became key for Thunkable to provide a centralized shared workspace for all contributors to an app development effort to be able to work together. 

Simply put, Collaboration allows for multiple users to work jointly together on a single project. Any project that is created and shared within an Organization can also be shared with the project collaborators. There are three levels of users which we will discuss more in the Administration portion. Any updates, additions, or improvements made to the project will be reflected for the other collaborators. 

stock photo of a team collaborating thunkable organizations no code drag and drop app builder


App development teams work with contributors that may carry different skill sets. All talents are needed to bring a new product, service, or idea to market. Permissioning, security, and approvals are top of mind for any project leader to ensure the right people have the right level of access.

Administration allows for the creation of an Organization and the assignment of controls that a given user may have in the app development process. An Organization Admin can work with their Account Manager to add new users to an existing workspace at three permission levels: Admin, Developer, or Viewer.

Here is a quick breakdown of the three types of permissions available: 

  • Admin: Full control over the workspace, project, and other users within the workspace. 
  • Developer: Ability to view, edit, and create new projects. Developers can fully design and develop the no code mobile app, but will need an Admin to approve the app before publishing. Developers cannot add other users to the Organization. 
  • Viewer: Can see all shared projects within the Organization, but they are unable to edit the project. 

Version Control  

No code tools help teams move faster, and when you’re working as a team, things can get busy. This is natural for a collaborative team. To help ensure consistency while allowing for experimentation (no matter how far it might stray), version control is now available. 

Versioning is an automatic snapshot of the progress on a given time interval that will save the project for future reference. Currently, Thunkable allows for deliberate versioning by saving a project during your app development process. Now with auto-versioning, your project will automatically save a version of your project as you build. There are multiple benefits, but the biggest two are: 

  1. The ability to freely experiment during the development process: If a new idea, feature, or design needs to be tested, users can now do that without fear of having to manually delete it or walk it back. If something happens during testing or an idea doesn’t stick, simply revert to a previous version and all will be as it was. 
  2. An easy way to measure progress: Creating snapshots of your no code mobile app development process allows you and your team to see the progress made. Tracking progress gives you the ability to see the progression and velocity of your app build. 

How to Get Thunkable Organizations 

Thunkable Organizations is now available to all Teams and Enterprise users. If you are interested in creating your own organization, or you’d like to work collaboratively with fellow creators, reach out to our Creator Success or Sales team

We are thrilled to make no code a collaborative process, and we’re excited to see what you’ll create together. Because if you can think it, you can Thunk it

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Written by
John McMullan

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