Join Us to Learn the Secret to Scaling and Streamlining Business with Low and No Code Tools

Thunkable's CEO will speak at VentureBeat's Low Code/No Code Summit on November 9, 2022. Join virtually to learn the benefits of low and no code tools.
Written by
John McMullan
Published on
November 4, 2022

The Thunkable team is excited to participate in the VentureBeat's Low Code/No Code Summit on November 9, 2022. 

This event will bring together industry leaders, experts, analysts, partners, and enterprise leaders to learn and discuss topics focused on the low and no code trends. Our CEO, Arun Saigal, will be joining fellow visionaries and practitioners in this emerging space to showcase how Thunkable is leading a revolution by equipping teams to move faster with fewer resources. 

The Need for Low and No Code Tools

Organizations of all sizes face enormous challenges in structuring, optimizing, and delivering innovation without the overhead. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 23% growth in application development demand in the next ten years, but there is already a massive shortage of skilled developers available to meet the current needs. This gap will continue to widen, and because of this, many teams have turned to low and no code platforms to find reprieve from the growing demand for output.

We have seen the entire no code movement start as a fledgling concept to a true peer to the traditional coding process. While there will always be a need for custom coding within every business, no code has proven itself to reduce the manual and repetitive work that slows down progress. This summit will focus on how industry leaders are putting low code and no code tools to work and giving them a competitive advantage. 

About VentureBeat’s Low Code/No Code Summit

At this event, you’ll hear from a variety of industry experts on their experience and implementation of these cutting-edge technologies. And as no code capabilities continue to grow, this event will help you to rethink how they hire, scope projects, and approach innovative new ideas.

With access to no code tooling, such as Thunkable’s drag and drop app builder, teams can stay ahead of the curve without adding additional headcount. Access to developing new or expanded products and features is available to even non-technical resources. Developers, IT professionals, and product teams all actively use the Thunkable platform in their daily work.

But did you know that Thunkable is also heavily adopted by marketing, innovation, and research and development teams, due to its flexibility and accessibility? This proves how easy no code has made it for citizen developers to impact the entire organization. 

At the VentureBeat LC/NC Summit, you’ll hear from execs and industry leaders on realizing the radical results in efficiency, cost, and scalability by using no code tools. Saigal will join the Head of Engineering at CreditKarma to discuss how no code tools make development accessible to everyone, reduce the cost of failure, and improve the customer experience.

Other sessions will be focused on: 

  • Up-skilling your employees with LC/NC tooling 
  • Why adopting LC/NC tooling can empower citizen developers within your organization
  • Building enterprise apps & automating workflows 
  • Using low-code tools to cut supply chain costs
  • And much more!

See You There!

arun saigal thunkable ceo speaks at venturebeat low code no code summit 2022 no code app creation

The VentureBeat LC/NC Summit is free to register. If you can’t make it, be sure to register to be sent the recordings of the sessions. You can also participate on social media by using #VBTransform. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Try Thunkable for No Code App Creation

If your team is ready to adopt no code tooling, now is the time to get started on Thunkable. Our drag and drop app builder makes it easy for anyone on your team to create custom, native mobile applications for Android, iOS, and the mobile web. In no time, anyone on your team can create and launch mobile first experiences.

Sign up today for free and see why Thunkable is the best no code app builder. 

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Written by
John McMullan

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