How the World's Most Innovative Companies Use Thunkable

If you think Thunkable is only for those who work in the tech space, you would be wrong. Thunkable’s drag and drop app builder has applications in many facets of business. In this blog, we’ll explore how various functional teams use Thunkable to innovate, streamline, and move faster.
Written by
Blythe Bartel
Published on
January 30, 2023

How Kraft Heinz Used Thunkable to Prototype

When the marketing team at one of the world's largest food and beverage companies, Kraft Heinz, wanted to test a new mobile idea to support a brand loyalty campaign, they turned to Thunkable. You’d think an organization of that size would have plenty of resources and bandwidth to test new ideas; however, the marketing team needed to move fast, didn’t want to make a large investment for a short-lived marketing effort, and couldn’t tap other teams to help.

The marketing team had extensive experience with website ownership but didn’t outright know how to code mobile apps and didn’t have anyone on their team available to help. The premise of their campaign was to drive brand awareness and loyalty to one of their top-selling condiments. The idea was to create an app that would incentivize users to share their love of the condiment and receive promotional discounts. The more love you shared, the higher discounts the user could earn.

The marketing team was able to design and test the app without the innovation overhead of needing a full-time app developer.

How Safran Used Thunkable’s Bluetooth and Web Connectivity to Optimize Machine Performance

French-based Safran Group is one of the largest manufacturers of aircraft engines, parts, and amenities. With close to 100,000 employees and more than €19 billion in revenue, you’d think they have all the resources they need, but they had a problem. They needed a mobile-first experience to monitor and manage their raw material machines. Their manufacturing equipment kept breaking down. They had no idea how to anticipate a malfunction or schedule machines for regular maintenance. So, they decided to retrofit the machines with IoT sensors to measure performance, input, and output. This retrofit effort was a significant undertaking but also required additional software to clearly see performance in real time.

With limited available resources for custom software development, Safran’s Research and Development team needed to find a way to measure and monitor their manufacturing equipment. Enter: Thunkable. Their team loved Thunkable’s Bluetooth component, with easy customization to track and monitor their equipment. They also leveraged IoT web connected sensors to create a single dashboard to measure the factory floors performance.  

Bluetooth, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), is a form of wireless communication. BLE-configured devices broadcast continuous radio signals. The signals are received by a nearby smart device which then transmits the data to a cloud server that monitors or assigns an action.

Safran’s R&D team quickly got to work. First, they built their app on Thunkable in a matter of weeks. The app is used to monitor and track manufacturing equipment and is centered around measuring machine performance via sensors onto an app using Bluetooth and web connectivity. They retrofitted the manufacturing equipment with BLE and IoT sensors and used tablets with Thunkable-built apps to measure the output. Safran finally had a way to measure and monitor their now-connected manufacturing equipment with Bluetooth technology, all thanks to Thunkable.  

How Camomile Healthcare Improved Staff Work/Life Balance

Camomile Healthcare had a problem. Hourly hospital staff wanted a way to trade shifts that was quick and easy. With dozens of locations and hundreds of employees across rural India, Camomile Healthcare needed a way to streamline time-off and shift tracking. They also needed to move quickly, as staff was exhibiting signs of burnout and wanted a solution.

Since this was a staff satisfaction issue, the Human Resources and Scheduling department was tasked with figuring out a solution. Not being familiar with coding or how to build an app, the HR department were lost on where to begin but soon discovered Thunkable’s drag and drop builder.

What if hospital staff could easily trade or change shifts without needing to call or text a roster of people? The HR team decided to build an app that would circumvent this process. Instead of needing to call or text, staff could simply log in to the app and offer up the shift they wanted to change or trade. Other app users were alerted of a shift up for grabs and managers were able to view and track changes in the app.  

The Camomile Healthcare HR team was able to build and publish the app on their own, which ultimately improved employee morale and work/life balance.

How Midwest Veterinary Prevented Supply Issues

Minnesota-based Midwest Veterinary had an order and inventory issue. They were constantly out of stock of key products and had a surplus of others. The finance team was tired of losing customers and revenue to competitors who were able to keep important medicines and supplies in stock.

The finance team wanted to build an app for customers that would allow them to track medication, easily find past orders, set up auto-replenishment, and more. Their biggest problem was they weren’t app developers and didn’t know where to start.

The finance team searched and found the best no code app builder: Thunkable! After a few tutorials and familiarizing themselves with Thunkable’s drag and drop app builder they quickly got to work. With some help from the Thunkable team along the way, Midwest Veterinary was able to quickly publish an app that helped customers better care for their furry friends.

Now with more than 100 users, the finance team is able to track medication and supply sales and keep the products their customers need most in stock.

Final Thoughts

Thunkable’s intuitive platform means you don’t have to work in app development, information technology, or in a technology-adjacent space to utilize Thunkable. We see people from all departments at companies of various sizes, from startups to Fortune 500s, finding value in building and creating on Thunkable’s app creator.

If your company has a pain point or needs a solution, what are you waiting for? Bring your idea to life with Thunkable. Sign up today for free and see why Thunkable is the best no code app development platform.

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Written by
Blythe Bartel

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