5 Key Benefits of Collaboration with Thunkable Organizations

Last week, Thunkable announced the launch of Thunkable Organizations: a full suite of collaboration and administration tools to help teams of creators work together on no code mobile app development.
Written by
John McMullan
Published on
March 1, 2023

Last week, Thunkable announced the launch of Thunkable Organizations: a full suite of collaboration and administration tools to help teams of creators work together on no code mobile app development. This new set of capabilities allows groups of users to build together within a shared workspace. 

One of the most prominent features of Thunkable Organizations is collaboration. Fundamentally, collaboration is the ability for multiple users to work on the same app project together. While there have been previous forms of collaboration available in Thunkable, this version allows users to work together on the same project. As they say, the sum is greater than the parts. And that is the true benefit of collaboration.

Working together has a multitude of benefits that help teams unlock the potential of multiple skill sets while turning ideas into apps. Here are the top five benefits of utilizing collaboration for no code app development on your team. 

1. Enhanced Creativity and Innovation

Collaboration allows for the exchange of ideas and perspectives. By bringing different skill sets, teammates, and people together, you naturally foster an environment of creativity and innovation. Individuals working in silos can hit creativity walls, like writer's block. But when you’re working with a team, the creative energy can build, which results in a strong end product — especially if you are able to bring in many different viewpoints and skill sets. 

For example, your product designer may have a point of view on the ideal user flow, while your marketing teammate might have a crafty way of sharing messaging within the app. Then, the developer can provide best practices to ensure the app pulls in relevant information from third party sources. Separately, the team may have different visions of the end result, but when put together on the same project, they can work in tandem to unleash creativity and create an innovative solution. 

2. Improved Problem Solving

Teamwork naturally enables individuals to leverage each other's strengths and expertise to solve complex problems. If app developers are operating solo, they tend to have blind spots. These blind spots can be very mundane issues, like misspelled words or off-brand design elements, or they can be major oversights like clunky user flows or unintuitive app behaviors. This is why teamwork is best for creating new products; when everyone works together, everyone achieves more. 

Improved problem solving is especially present in the testing process. When an entire team can rapidly test the app as it is being built, improved solutions can occur. Whether a technical developer or a no code creator, everyone knows that their first version of products will have issues and bugs. But if you assemble a team to work through these issues, you’ll bring the power of perspective which results in solutions. A team will always provide better problem solving than an individual in a vacuum. 

3. Increased Productivity

The best way to provide implicit motivation is the pressure of a team. As we all remember from group projects in school, it is a natural tendency for humans to want to contribute to the group effort. No one likes feeling left out or as if they haven’t contributed. Working together can increase productivity by enabling individuals to work on tasks simultaneously. It can also foster a spirit of momentum

When a team sees their app come to life in real time, excitement compounds and compels them to want to keep moving forward. Momentum breeds momentum, and this is true with collaborative group work. Individuals can move faster when they know others are relying on them to complete their work. 

4. Enhanced Learning and Development

Working together provides opportunities for individuals to learn from each other. Learning any new skill, like no code mobile app development, may be outside of the comfort zone for non-technical people. But their contribution is equally important. Individuals can expand their knowledge, skills, and experience when they get a chance to see how others work. 

Having a trusted teammate guide others through their thought and building process will do two things: 1) boost the confidence of the team, and 2) disseminate skills across the team. As organizations look to upskill their workforce, a phenomenal way to do this is to build teams of diverse skill sets and let them learn from each other on the best no code mobile app development platform. 

5. Improved Relationships and Communication

Teamwork makes the dream work. This cliche is funny but also true. By working together, individuals can improve their communication skills, build stronger relationships, and develop trust and respect for each other. An amazing thing happens when teams have shared common experiences — they develop their own stories and values. These stories and values become the foundation of relationships that the team will continue to build upon. 

Regardless of the success of the project, a team that works together will form bonds that will emanate throughout the organization. Letting people from different teams work together will bring camaraderie, and improve the overall morale of your company.

Bring Collaboration to Your Organization  

If you’re ready to bring collaboration to no code mobile app development efforts, reach out to our team to set your team up with Thunkable Organizations. The full suite of collaboration and administration features make app development fast and fun for your entire team. Reach out to our Creator Success or Sales teams to learn more. 

We’re excited to see what you’ll create together when you make no code app development a collaborative process. Because, remember, if you can think it, you can Thunk it

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Written by
John McMullan

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